Rooting For Posterity


This was during a family vacation we took a couple of years back to Andamans. As we were planning the day’s itinerary with our guide, he said Ross Island is a waste of time.  But we were keen to go….and I never regretted the decision.

It’s an unique island presently almost abandoned….but the old buildings and the amazing Roots have a story to tell. They do not even need the various boards and markings to make you imagine a world gone by with large spacious ballrooms, a majestic church and gardens and grounds for the Administrative Officers when it served as a kind  of headquarters. It was struck by an earthquake in 1941 and abandoned thereafter.

The way the roots have overgrown the massive buildings lending them an unique identity rarely seen… its taken an eon for them to reach the beauty they radiate ……  like the wrinkles on an old sun beaten face each one with  story to tell ……… 

So here it is….. stories of an era gone by whispered amongst the roots and ruins of ROSS  Island……


The Amazing Roots!
Dwarfed by the Roots
The church a magnificent backdrop
Soaking in the sunshine and the character
A still moment….
The Bluest Blue I’ve ever seen




For Posterity