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peer support

Incidentally this is my 100th post on WordPress. Am happy today.

I decided to celebrate it by mentioning a few of the recognitions I have not yet  acknowledged by my fellow bloggers.

A few words about my journey so far. I used to love words from childhood – an avid reader, I did not write more than the occasional contribution to the school magazine or a poem about my friends or people I liked or loved on their special days. I did win a poetry competition held in my Medical college hostel day Celebrations. Other than these elementary steps, I did not “write”. But I loved putting my thoughts to paper, be they in the form of letters to my family and friends or diaries that all young girls love to maintain.

This blog was born out of a desire to focus on something to keep my thoughts and mind under control and maybe allow expression – an outlet  for the hundreds of thoughts that find their way into my mind. As I took those tentative steps, I found it brought me joy and a balance in my life. As I read and understood others thoughts, I understood myself even more. Continue reading

Peer Recognition

Peer  Its time to say thank you again.

The past few weeks have been very kind by way of recognition from fellow bloggers.

I possibly owe Rashmi of an apology for acknowledging it a little late. Rashmi and I go a long way and I still remember her as a chirpy bride who came to our unit. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then and I have seen her grow personally to the delightful “Soul” that she is now. Her blog has helped me get to know her that much better and it has shown a facet of her vivacious personality that is not always evident. May you grow some more Rashmi. And thanks a ton for nominating me. I have already accepted this award once before – It can be seen here Continue reading

One Lovely Blog

This one comes once again from the lovely lady called Saya   who writes a beautiful blog called  Saya…d Poet, where powerful words meet powerful images and thoughts to create a thoroughly enjoyable blog. Thanks,  Saya.
one-lovely-blog-scroll_awardThis award recognizes bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with viewers and followers.

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Premio Dardos!

The winner is

Well, thanks a ton, Saya ! Its an honor especially when the citation says its for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. There’s no appreciation like peers appreciation and I can unabashedly say that it made my day to know that this wonderful co-traveller thought of me when drawing up her list.

And she went on to make me even happier when she said “Quote,unquote” “because of her amazing writing showing a maturity which I strive to achieve in my writing”……

Muchas Gracias, Saya ! And may I add that if you had not already been conferred the award already, you would have definitely been on my list as well !! Continue reading

Strange Greetings

Greetings, Stranger!

You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

“Why? ” I ask, “Why have you been looking for me? ” I am worried. 

He pulls out a counterfoil. It has my name neatly written on it  with my telephone number and address.

I recognize my handwriting.  Continue reading

An Awesome Welcome…

Wow! An award!

No doubt appreciation is always welcome anytime, anywhere and when it is by your peers, it takes a special meaning altogether.

First of all thank you Phoenix Tears Healed for nominating me for this sweet award given by the blogging community mainly to the new bloggers to welcome them.

This is the award


Liebster Award

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