Bewildered by your actions

Bewildered by my reactions 

Blinded first, by love

Blinded then, by pain  

Bewildered by your words

Bewildered even more, by mine

Staggered by the depths 

Staggered by the heights

Bewildered by life’s name 

Bewildered by your game

Tortured by my endless thoughts

Tortured by your thoughtlessness

Bewildered I am, by destiny’s dance

Bewildered by the lack of a chance! 

In response to Word Prompt


A Course called Life

Enroll for laughter and get a dollop of pain for free

Enroll for happiness and get tears under a tree

There’s no sunshine without a bit of rain

There’s no pleasure without a whiff of pain!   

Enroll for life and get a rollercoaster of a ride

No gain without pain, it’s been tested and tried! 

Yet we enroll for Life, each day,  every day

Taking the roses n the thorns along the way! 



In response to Daily Prompt : 


A Creature of habit


A creature of habit, he said he was

Little did she know who he really was

Full of love and laughter this moment,

Full of angst and resentment the next…

He had time for everything n everyone

Loyal to  love, only she was not the One!

Too little, too late, grudged n given 

Her life turned arid dry and barren! 

It was time for him to shake her off 

No time, no reason, no place thought of..

Just a couple of lines hastily written,

Years n years of love were forgotten …

A creature of habit, he had said he was

Now she finally knew who he really was!! 

In response to the Daily Prompt:


Magic touch

No time to sympathize

No time to empathize..

We need to emphasize

The need today to realize…


There’s no balm like an empathetic heart

Nothing better to make the tears depart

A ton of gadgets may come, they may even hold sway,

Only a friendly hug, a gentle smile blows the blues away!

The magic of a loving touch, a look, a kiss,

Are so welcome, they’re something to miss!!


Puzzling Grace

Puzzling is life n living 

Puzzling is love n loving 

Puzzled is an emotion, often felt

Puzzled by the cards life has dealt! 

Puzzles are usually fun for me to solve 

But some are way beyond my resolve…

Puzzled by the jigsaw pieces of life

Each day brings new one to add strife

Yet, some pieces just fall into place 

Puzzled – Yes, I am by lifes saving grace!