How orange is your sky?

How orange is your Sky ?

Orange enough to make you cry? 

How orange is your sky tonight?

Does it make your thoughts more bright? 


Mine has a darkish reddish hue 

Perhaps a reminder of whats due! 

Will my sky ever be bright again

Will I ever laugh with you again? 


Hey, how orange is your sky today….? 

We see the same piece of sky each day  

Yet one of us sees it bright and orange 

The other sees it as dark and strange!! 


Where did we miss the bus ?

When did we cease to be us? 

When did the friendly orange 

Become so very dark and strange?

orange sky at Andamans 

In response to Daily word Prompt 


Savage Life

they met, they loved 

they parted, they cried

they met again, they smiled,  

they were one, a whole again…


there was magic in the air, 

the tender hand on her hair…. 

time went by,

life was a blur

of hugs and promises

smiles and stolen kisses….


yet there came a day 

when he did pull away!

 savage his words

I no longer feel love

savage his action 

of final retraction 

savage his love

forgetting his vow

savage his heart 

tears hers apart

Savage is love,

Savage is life !


In response to Daily Prompt :


Sunshine to Stardust


was when…..

she forgot her kith and  kin

she forgot all she believed in

all she remembered was impossible love

her need to make him see the heavens above. 


her time , her life, her duties, her promises

her responsibilities all could burn to ashes 

all she cared was for the deep happy voice

the chuckle in his throat was now her choice


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Being Woman

Born to fear for life was she,

Of her  first home, never  sure

If they knew she was a she,

Would she see the world outside…

If she did, indeed, see  the world

Would they drown her in a tub of milk

Or lay her on a bed of silk

Would she be hugged or be lugged …

Hey girl, hey  woman to be, March on, Fearless …

Take your place in the sun, don’t  ever apologise

You’re a giver yet you’re a fighter, let them realise…

 The world is waiting…

 It’s yours for the taking…

Hey girl, hey  mother to be, march on, 



In response to Daily Prompt:  Fearless

Helping Hand

Daily Prompt :  Help

Helping someone always makes me happy,

Be it a parent, a sibling or even my puppy

My patient, my friend, my child or my hubby…


The radiant smile, that look divine 

Ups the brightness of the one on mine..

Many a sleepless night suited me fine…


Grateful I am to be made an instrument

Happy to help, happy to have meant

that lil extra in that little moment….! 


May  I always  have that opportunity

To be of help, in any place, any eventuality!










Destiny, where did you get  The Nerve

To make her life, on curves,  go sverve?

Why did you make her fall in love

If he was  so many a notch above?

Why oh why did you have the nerve

To make her just stand and serve?

How can you have the nerve, dear fickle Fate,

To show her heaven and then as quickly, abate!


In response to Daily Prompt:  Nerve






Daily Prompt: Envy

She was walking around aimlessly in the mall. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of a face she had not seen in ages. She quickened her steps. Yes it was him….He saw her in the same instant.

Hi, he said. Hi, she replied.

It’s been 20 years!! How have you been? Where are you now? How are things? How is he? How is she? What are the kids doing? The words n questions tumbled out, one after the other.

They happily promised to keep in touch .


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Dewdrops in the Sun

Todays Daily Prompt: Drop


The crisp morning air, 

The slow breaking dawn,

The tiny little Dew Drops,

Glistening in anticipation

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Today’s WP Daily Prompt : Fleeting


From crib to grave

From knight to knave

From rags to riches

From riches to rags

From classrooms to boardrooms

From breeches to bridegrooms

From taught to teaching

From reading to writing

From still to beating

From bye to greeting

From loving to fighting 

From living to dying

From nothing to everything

From everything to nothing

From beaten to beating

From loving to hating

From craving to waiting

Time is fleeting 

Time  is fleeting….

So friends…..


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Was there an unknown empty space inside me

Was I  Incomplete before  you and me became “We”?

Are you the  long lost other half of a whole

Was I Incomplete before my heart, you stole 

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