How orange is your sky?

How orange is your Sky ?

Orange enough to make you cry? 

How orange is your sky tonight?

Does it make your thoughts more bright? 


Mine has a darkish reddish hue 

Perhaps a reminder of whats due! 

Will my sky ever be bright again

Will I ever laugh with you again? 


Hey, how orange is your sky today….? 

We see the same piece of sky each day  

Yet one of us sees it bright and orange 

The other sees it as dark and strange!! 


Where did we miss the bus ?

When did we cease to be us? 

When did the friendly orange 

Become so very dark and strange?

orange sky at Andamans 

In response to Daily word Prompt 


6 thoughts on “How orange is your sky?

  1. Uma October 28, 2017 / 3:42 am

    Oranges of the sky,
    Often turn red n mauve,
    Thoughts n feelings sail on by,
    With every swell n ebbing tide,
    They surely make you richer than rich,
    The fine lines penning your life,
    The fond heart dwells and lingers,
    And makes fonder the rich n beautiful past,
    Surely there’s a rainbow overhead,
    That beckons you to the future yonder,
    Promises are made of these n more,
    Dear heart, cherish your laughter,
    Sunny smiles, tears of joy are never far,
    Away with the clouds, blue skies are brighter!!

    ❤ ;-))))


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