Puzzling Battle

My favorite idea of a dream”Me-Time” is to curl on my side of the bed, with a book in one hand, my favorite music playing in the background, with my other hand dipping into a bowl of snacks! The snack may be from an array of possibilities from the ubiquitous potato chips to nachos to chocolates.

My favorite part of the midmorning tea is the snacks that I hope, will be served with it. 

My favorite part of the evening is watching my favorite show on TV with- yes you guessed it – a bowl of snacks on my bedside table.

My favorite part of any party is the small-eats that is part and parcel of any decent dinner, be it fish fingers kabobs or Tikkas. 

My favorite section in the Food store is the snack corner, be it biscuits,  dry fruits or packed Indian savouries. 

My idea of a good birthday party is a collection of heavy snacks varying from rolls and finger food to cakes and pastries. 

Barring all of the above, I’m on a strict diet. Yet I wonder why my weighing machine refuses to show the results… 


In response to Daily Prompt


5 thoughts on “Puzzling Battle

  1. rajivkrishnan57 July 1, 2017 / 2:53 pm

    Who says it’s not showing … just kidding!!
    It is not showing because of your intensive workout after all the snacking.

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