It was a just a regular day….

Busy at work, not much to say!

Now the job was done, I was on my way.. 

Heading  home, I had some dues to pay.


Chore over, I quickly resumed my way back…

A lil while later, I felt someone on my track! 

I quickened my steps, those steps did too

I panicked and broke into a step staccato!! 

I turned into a lane and felt the steps do the same,

Every movie I’d seen, every horror story reared its name…

The steps caught up, I felt a hand on my arm,

Panic-stricken, I turned – ready to strike n harm! 


A smile greeted me and an outstretched hand…

“Your purse, Mam” were the musical words I heard! 

Tension flowed out, a nervous smile broke out….

Faith in humanity restored, what a turnabout!! 




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