Rooted lives

Is it a question of Where are our roots

Or more a question of Who are our roots??

Home is where the heart is..

Roots are where home is…

And home is  people of your own

Not a house, not a city, nor a town!


Rooted one is, to loving hearts, wherever they may be,

Whoever they may be, mother, sister, lover, friend or hubby!

And just as surely, we create roots too, when we love

Sturdy, strong and healthy roots, for every heart we love!

So that when the going is rough and life seems just too  tough

The roots will see them through, they will make them chuff! 


So create roots, dear friends, as you go through life

So your loved ones can stand tall, without strife! 

Roots, the strength of life…

Roots, the sheer elixir of life! 


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