Millions of  crisp new dollars


Millions of shining lil stars?

Millions in many many banks


Millions of heartfelt Thanks?

Millions of long long years


Millions of happy smiley tears?

Millions of rich farmlands


Millions of helping hands??


Take your millions in barricaded banks 

Give me my happiness-soaked Thanks….

To each,  his or her own brand of millions

To each,  his or her own choice of millions! 

8 thoughts on “Millions

  1. anne leueen October 21, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    Here we have millions of yellow, red and orange autumn leaves now falling, floating to the ground and carpeting the earth. Beautiful, but heralding the approach of winter.

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  2. Monisha October 22, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    To each, his own millions of moments–spent , slipping through our hand like grain of sands


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