Recharge Moments

A few of my favourite recliners ….

A few of my soul rechargers..

Old and faded photographs….

Old friends sweet autographs….


Watching the waves, walking by the  sea, 

With no one as far as the eye can see..

Favourite movies from days gone by

When the superheroes made me sigh! 


Music in the background in my cosy nook,

Curled up in bed with an engrossing book! 

Discovering a long lost friend, by chance

Chattering nonstop lest we lose a glance!

Using all my Me-Time late, late at night

To read, to think  to write with all my might! 


These are a few of my favourite things

A few soul rechargers that life  brings….

As I pause, take a breath to stand and stare, 

to smell the coffee n then return to Daily fare! 


In response to Daily Prompt 


7 thoughts on “Recharge Moments

    • Aruna@RipplesnReflections October 25, 2016 / 6:07 am

      That’s a great compliment, Anu thank you … I use it very often… And is a must for everyone , too… What say??


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