In response to Daily Prompt Melody

  But I set fire to the rain

Watched it pour as I touched your face

Well, it burned while I cried

   ‘Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

adeleIts one of Adele’s most popular songs and one of my favorites.

There’s something in this song that touches me – it’s about an intense love going wrong and the poignancy of the first line of the Chorus gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Her face is covered with tears of having to break up with someone she clearly loved so very much. She is still so much in love with him and having to part is causing her to scream his name. Adele sings it with so much emotion I can feel the pain in the girls heart as she tells her story. 

                   I let it fall, my heart,
             And as it fell you rose to claim it
            It was dark and I was over
        Until you kissed my lips and you saved me

It is apparent that she is aware that the love they shared was as beautiful and pure yet she is letting go for what reasons we are not told. She also says that he probably saved her from disaster in life when they initially found love. She acknowledges that it was his love that helped her to find light in the darkness of her life at that point in time. 

                   But there’s a side to you
               That I never knew, never knew.
                     All the things you’d say
                They were never true, never true,
                      And the games you play
               You would always win, always win.

To me these lines express the heart of the song… why she is leaving him despite loving him so much.She has believed everything he said and possibly needed to believe it,too. Often one person lays down the rules in the relationship for whatever reason, his or her insecurities, situations, changing loyalties, guilt, not being free to love another.. the reasons are as myriad as the emotions a human mind can feel. Everyone has a reason to say behave or act as they do. To that person the rules are fair whereas they may not be to the other. No one is at fault, except the circumstances and commitments at that point in life…….

Love can bring as much pain as the  happiness it brings. That is also part of love. The more intensely one loves, the more intensely one is hurt. 

But having said that what would life be without love? Barren. Sterile. Insipid.  Empty. No Zing. 

This song makes me think…… and be thankful for having known love. I relate to it..I identify with the singer to an extent. 

Thank you, Adele. For your voice, your songs and the emotions. 

Keep Singing, 

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