As she Shivered in the cold and hostile night air

She pulled the torn shawl tighter around her! 

Oh for a hot bowl of soup  

Chicken broth and leeks! 

The storm raged on

Lightning flashed

Thunder boomed

Raindrops pattered…

A car stopped by

A hand held out a 

A dry lil hamper ….

Her hand reached out…

Lo and behold, a warm blanket

Tumbled out  – below it she felt

A hot cuppa noodles 

Smiling now, she blessed the 

Unseen face n the kind heart,

This was chicken soup

For her soul! 

May the giving tribe increase,

May the shivering tribe decrease!


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In response to Daily Prompt:


8 thoughts on “Shiver

  1. rajivkrishnan57 September 2, 2016 / 9:13 pm

    Nice write from someone who has a warm blanket and a hot bowl of soup for every needy


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