Racing against time !

Always looking for the elusive minute,

Today I’ve been granted all of sixty of it!

Quick quick – What do I do!  What do I do?

Elatedly rushing come thoughts , so so and so!

res 2015

The proposed morning jog that never started?

Shopping spree –  Me n my money readily parted?

Start a book that I always wanted?

Or cook a dish always coveted?

A walk by the sea, wind tugging my hair

White surf curling around my toes bare?

A page new in my blog

A topic I longed to log?

A gossip session on the phone?

Or my musical hour, all alone?


I dance around with greedy Glee

My smile as happy as can ever be,

The grandfather clock strikes one

Alas!  The special hour is done!

Time  – the most valuable,

Time – the most perishable!



 In response to : Clock


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