“No man is an island” goes the old cliché….  yet “we are  just islands in the stream” goes another. The truth is somewhere in between. As always.

Whereas  it’s true that the human heart and mind crave for company and communication, it’s also true that it is very rare to find the perfect soulmate with whom one can share everything with no fear of being judged. Each of us harbours thoughts, memories,  fantasies and perhaps secrets that one can share only with oneself.   I can definitely speak for me when I say this.

Yet there is a rare meeting of souls and minds sometimes, a once- in a lifetime treasure,  when nothing is too sacred to be shared….

no thought too banal or trivial, no request too difficult to be acceded to….

no action too difficult…

no step too wrong or too big to take….

no holds barred in love or anger ….

no time is ever enough to exchange thoughts and views …..

no day long enough to hold all the words one wants to say…..

Then, the islands in the stream merge into one and one is NEVER never an island ever again……

This magic pairing of minds is blessed to know and be a part of, however short it may be. Until one has known that kind of bonding, one has not found life….. 

Let no one ever be an island…..


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