Mother Stroll

In response to  the Daily Prompt Stroll


Today is Mothers day … and so I decided to take a stroll through motherhood .Being a mother, as we all know, is a 24×7 roller coaster  ride…… 

I had to wait patiently for my first born due to medical problems, career demands and the simple fact that we were in a long distance relationship most of the time…..with my husband being posted in “field areas ” and my trying  to complete my compulsory rotatory internship.

My son had an eventful entry into the world with half of the Obstetric complications I had read about in Medical School making their appearance, also piquing my interest in the subject enough for me to specialize in it. From innumerable anxious moments  to losing my father and not knowing about it, it was one helluva ride . Yet the immense happiness his arrival in our lives can never be explained, only felt with the heart……… 

My daughter was a complete surprise  as she decided to make her earth coming day in the middle of my MD exams.  Yet I would have had  it no other way.. … she’s now a  young little lady on the threshold of her own adult life.. and one of my best friends .

My parenting has never been perfect since I’m not a perfect person or mother … yet the one thing that has sustained us is a bond being honest  with each other and the faith that ” no matter what” we’ll be there for each other as a family. I’ve always encouraged them to make  their own choices,  though that may not exactly coincide with what I or we as parents  think is right …. 

We’ve come a long way as we strolled through life and today I’m often touched by gestures such as these…… Mothers Day…………. when I see the words and the effort and the honesty in them, my heart brimmeth over ……..

The Stroll has been worth every minute… 

Feeling thankful and grateful. 

For allowing me the pleasure of mothering ….




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