Color my Memories

Colorful Memories


As I stand before you today ,

I think of what I should say…

The salad days when my life had just begun?

The giggles? The tears? The laughter? The fun?

The friendships, the life lessons, the cross-my-hearts,

The picnics, the punishments or the favorite canteen tarts?

Our eager young faces, the eyes shining bright

Thinking that life is written in black and white!

The path of life we finally take, my lil friends,

Is chalked out right here in work and errands,

Chalk and duster tell you life’s small mistakes can be erased

Through teachers and books your minds n hearts are raised!

Games and sports teach you life  is a playground, so play fair

Music and craft , a reminder to take time to stand and stare!

To these hallowed hallways one day you will also return

And wonder if you could the pages of life still turn….

To revisit those carefree days when your “deadlines”

Were getting to school,  the newspaper headlines …

When “meetings” were behind the school fence

When a bday bash was a matter of a few pence!

So spend these days wisely , create a treasure trove

Of memories one can  revisit time and again for LOVE…


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