Destiny, where did you get  The Nerve

To make her life, on curves,  go sverve?

Why did you make her fall in love

If he was  so many a notch above?

Why oh why did you have the nerve

To make her just stand and serve?

How can you have the nerve, dear fickle Fate,

To show her heaven and then as quickly, abate!


In response to Daily Prompt:  Nerve





14 thoughts on “Nerve

  1. amita March 24, 2016 / 7:07 am

    The nerve…
    Of a beautiful verse..
    Because it’s a daily prompt
    For better or worse…
    Sometimes I am casual
    Sometimes terse. ..
    Yes…The verve
    Of my nerve..
    (Sorry. .just to rhyme…not always to make sense…)

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