NOX: The word Goodbye.

N O X / L U X

‘Goodbye’ is such a weird word. Its like, “Hey, I’m leaving and I don’t want to but I’m going to add ‘good’ as the prefix to ease the sorrow.” or “I’m going to make this sound as formal as I can.”
You use it to bid farewell to so many things – a bunch of idiots you spent your last two years of high school with, people you spent merely 10 days with and got attached so easily, your brother or your pet dog who passed away when you were 12.

Everything is perfect till the word ‘Goodbye’ pops up. And even if things were imperfect, the word ‘Goodbye’ makes them seem perfect. ‘Goodbye’ strikes a pang of sorrow and sadness, not only because of the leaving but because that single word, now, carries the burden of your abundant memories that will never come back.

You’re never going to feel…

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2 thoughts on “NOX: The word Goodbye.

  1. sujanvi October 5, 2015 / 8:01 am

    Wonderfully penned . A new dimension to a word often used mindlessly and frequently …
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