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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Language of Things.”

You have to write a message to someone dear to you, telling that person how much he/she means to you. However — instead of words, you can only use 5-10 objects to convey your emotions. Which objects do you choose, and what do they mean?

This prompt is rather difficult. How can one ever convey one’s emotions through things? If one does have to, especially to someone away from you … I would use these .. Words create magic and nothing conveys emotions as well as the written word… To me my mobile and laptop are “the language of things” … to so many many people .. a few special people, my family , my friends. Maligned they may be , but they keep me in touch with my own emotions as well as my loved ones and well wishers

Another way I express my love is through food.. and I love cooking for my friends and family…especially the ones who visit infrequently. Knowing what they like, making it with my own hands and then watching it disappear is something I love.

Music is the food of friendship  too and many a time I have used and enjoyed this on my phone and shared it with friends.

Thoughts words music messages and  mails …keep a relationship alive and more so a long distance one.. and so here’s to those special bonds.. may they last forever and ever!!  I hope these pics convey the message to the ones I care for..


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Word Magic
Word Magic

6 thoughts on “Language Asst

  1. trablog December 17, 2014 / 8:42 am

    “making it and watching it disappear is magic” Never thought about food and cooking that way! That is a lovely.

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  2. Soul n Spirit December 17, 2014 / 10:50 pm

    Music and food are actually great combo to set the right mood. Well said. 🙂


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