A few of My Favorite…..Peeves!


My title could very well have read “Confessions of a Perfectionist” if anyone who knew me well would have to suggest one. So as I said it’s confession time. Where do I start?

At home? When I wanted every meal to be tasty and warm, every room to be spic and span, every smile bright and cheerful?

At work? Where I hated failure of any kind by me, at judgement, skill or expertise …When I wanted every worker to be as diligent, sincere, efficient and compassionate as they could be. And me as well,  of course.

At creating happiness? One of my pet peeves, where I tried to keep a lot of people happy from my mother to my family to my husband to my children to my patients?

At  “hobbying”? I liked books and words, movies and music that touched my soul.. spoke to me and remained a part of me long after I had savored them….

At holidaying? I loved the family to bond during a holiday… through music, books games or food…

At cooking? I love cooking but was self critical to a fault…and  knew exactly  where I had faltered..the prawns were over done… the souffle was not fluffy.. the rice was over cooked.. the salad was not crisp enough….

I guess by now most of you are aghast at who I am describing … but let me hasten to tell you I was not that bad… as long as everything was perfect! Ha ha! Alas that could never be-  there was soul searching galore…. debating the choices I made as well as the ones I was going to make as life swept me up in its wake…. Was I getting Atelophobic? Maybe….

Jokes aside, as I juggled all these apples in my arms, quite a few did escape and finally I did let them … but only after a merry chase!  But now, I have realized that striving for perfection in  everything and everyone  can kill a dream…. kill happiness….and even togetherness… and so along life’s way I learned to give way….learned to accept imperfection in others and as importantly, in me.

I realised that each of those imperfections in me made me who I am !

A lot of these pet peeves still exist in me though muted and attenuated as I mellow with age.. but there are times when they still rear their heads.. more of that some other time!!

I guess that’s enough of an upturned nose for one day… Ciao! perfection is imperfection


9 thoughts on “A few of My Favorite…..Peeves!

  1. Saya October 8, 2014 / 10:11 pm

    😀 hahahaa…humourous…and so true…

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  2. rajivkrishnan57 October 10, 2014 / 5:28 am

    Excellent self-appraisal; though a little too harsh on yourself. You still juggle all your perfection-apples and I haven’t seen many (in fact, any) being dropped. You remain the consummate multi-tasking perfectionist. Long live the likes of you.

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  3. Sunitha Srinivasan October 10, 2014 / 5:10 pm

    As always, a well written almost ‘perfect’ self assessment…:-)

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      • sunitha October 17, 2014 / 9:41 am

        I do have a blog…trying to find some time !!!..:)

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