Strange Greetings

Greetings, Stranger!

You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

“Why? ” I ask, “Why have you been looking for me? ” I am worried. 

He pulls out a counterfoil. It has my name neatly written on it  with my telephone number and address.

I recognize my handwriting. 

“Lady,” says the stranger, “you have just won an Audi, the first prize for the best Pookalam”.

Pookalam is a flower carpet made at Onam,  the Harvest festival  of Kerala, India. 

“Oh” I say, beaming happily “That’s great!”

I remember sending in an entry for the best flower carpet.  And the bell rings. 


And I wake up. And put off the alarm. So much for friendly strangers. Time for work. Its Monday. 


My Pookalam Aka Flower Carpet
My Pookalam
Aka Flower Carpet


11 thoughts on “Strange Greetings

  1. jacolev September 9, 2014 / 4:40 am

    Oh! That is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sujanvi September 9, 2014 / 10:23 am

    Umeed pe duniya kayam hai… Happy dreaming and kudos on your handwork. It is really fetching…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. rajivkrishnan57 September 9, 2014 / 11:49 pm

    Your Pookalam deserves a Rolls Royce Phantom as the prize …


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